1. Multi-function, dual system and dual tool: stainless steel grooves adopt servo motor, aluminum grooves adoptstepper motor. Make the grooving angle more accurate, and extend the machine and tool life; It can save working time, materials and labor costs.
  2. Servo motor control, Double-bar linkage arc bending device, when bending aluminum materials, adopt double-copper shaft arc bending,double-bar linkage extrusion bending, to ensure that the material surface is not damaged; When bending stainless steel material, adopt double bar linkage to flap the arch, ensure that thicker material canbe processed.
  3. With an encodé for compensating the lose step of stepper motor,ensure the letters accuracy.
  4. Set parameters in the software, automatically adjust the length,radian and depth.
  5. Intelligent software can modify parameters and semi-automatically adjustthe depth of cutting tool.
  6. Roller friction feeding, front and rear two groups, a total of four groups of rubber covered rollers, with the coder for transmission,more convenient feeding, low noise.
  7. Lechuang CBS4 control system, simple and fast operation, stable system, simple interface.Easy to learn and operate.
  8. The smallest arc diameter is 7mm, making the characters more accurate and exquisite.


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